cita a ciegas en ingles

So thats a blind date.
So, a blind date is when you go on a date but you dont know the person.
Tengo una cita a ciegas esta noche.Well, I hope that this was interesting for you.And date can have some different meanings, but in this context, date or a date is when you go out with somebody to a restaurant, in kind of a romantic way.Mis padres se conocieron en una cita a ciegas.And dont forget to check out glesavanzado.Let me give you her number or let me set up a time for you guys to meet.1 (encuentro) (con médico, profesional) appointment tengo cita con el dentista I have a dental appointment; I have an appointment at the dentist's tener cita con algn concertar una cita to make an appointment; arrange an appointment llamé a su citas a ciegas en bahia blanca secretaria para concertar una cita.There comes your blind date I'll get.

It's just a blind date.
4 (mención literal) de escrito, libro"tion; de parte de discurso, declaraciones" una cita de Quevedo a"tion from Quevedo; varias citas del presidente several"s from the president; la cita más famosa de Groucho Marx Groucho Marx's most famous"; un diccionario.
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Besides, Hank has fixed me up on a blind date.
I've been wanting to do that since our almost blind date.Quinn, esto no es una cita a ciegas.Well, we met on a blind date.It's not a blind date.More_vert, their approval of this Parliament of ours has never been as high as it is now, and that is something we should make use.