Wiring kit (complete with connectors, power relay unit, and micro-switch) *Option Performance Chips.
Your timing is automatically adjust without setting it manually with a timing light, your fuel injector duty increases automatically when it needs to busco pareja catolica practicante and air / fuel ratios are tweaked as you shift through each gear.
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You can have a factory turbo, aftermarket turbo, OEM supercharger or even a NOS kit installed.
Our PCD performance meets your needs regardless of your driving style.The 2011 Vortex Electric Supercharger is now a 950 watt, axial-flow compressor that blasts out.0 PSI of thrust at 1000 cfm!Turn the dial to the "Max" position to yield the biggest horsepower increases.Instant 5psi boost at all RPMs!The kit comes ready for mounting on most vehicles no matter if you have an aftermarket intake or are using your OEM air box.You do not have to purchase any other items in order to install the PCD Chip.However, our PCD chips do provide real benefits, are simple to install and work directly with your car's computer to determine the right amount of adjustment you need at any given time.Q: Will this module fit my engine?This little control box strategically stashed away neatly beneath insulation and away from heat is always responsible for the efficiency of your motor.

Note: Will not work with some Turbo, Supercharged, or Diesel Engines!
When not in operation the charger.0 inch diameter is equal to.1 inch diameter straight tube piping.
Many times, aftermarket companies will make claims that aren't entirely true because a significant amount of power is lost from the transfer of horsepower made at the flywheel to horsepower that reaches your wheels.Once installed, the new signal will be sent to your computer and will take effect immediately.Similar to how your starter operates.0 TO 25,000-50,000 RPM in 1/10th second (activated by a momentary type switch at Wide-Open Throttle).Q: Will it void any of my vehicle's warranties?You can adjust the settings via the integrated dial.Our Performance PCD Chip module does just that; it reconfigures the settings of your ECU so your engine will make more power throughout the RPM powerband.Q: Do I need any special skills or tools?How it works: To get these kind of benefits and installing a PCD Performance chip might sound daunting at first, but with clear cut instructions and a straight forward installation s1 escort rs turbo forum process; even the most novice of mechanics can install the unit in less than.

You'll locate your vehicle's IAT sensor and your new Chip will be installed via the factory harness.
When used in conjuction with other high performance parts, certain setups have produced up to a 60 horsepower gain!