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Faced with the rise of nationalist sentiment, a decade-long recession, and the weakening of communist grip on power on the eve of the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, the first free elections were held in Yugoslavia in almost 45 years.
Money edit Croatia's official currency is the kuna, denoted by the symbol " kn " (ISO code: HRK ).
Europe html put element at bottom Yachts Charter Europe Yachts Charter offers you chartering services in Croatia and some other Mediterranean countries.The war also helped to foster an informal economy and a black market.Libertas Dubrovnik - bus terminal and company information in Dubrovnik, with international and domestic information.The body of the crescent forms a long coastal strip along the.Card transactions are the norm in cities.Area codes: When calling between cities (actually between counties) or from a mobile phone, you must dial specific area codes: (area code phone number) Zagreb (01) Split (021) Rijeka (051) Dubrovnik (020) Šibenik/Knin (022) Zadar (023) Osijek (031) Vukovar (032) Virovitica (033) Požega (034) Slavonski.Jadrolinija is the main Croatian passenger shipping line that maintains the largest number of regular international and domestic ferry and shipping lines.In Dalmatia the Krka and Cetina rivers are of particular ford escort cl sahibinden importance because of their hydroelectric potential and because they flow into the Adriatic Sea.One unfortunate result was the squandering of a great deal of money through inefficiency and the misallocation of resources through the building of so-called political factories, which served more to enhance the prestige of politicians than to use most rationally the endowments of a specific.

Sometimes although very rarely you may find "sok od bazge" (elderflower juice) in the continental region.
Tax-free shopping edit If you buy goods worth more than 740 kn you are entitled to a PDV (VAT) tax return when leaving the country.
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Non-alcoholic: Mineral water, fruit juices, coffee (espresso, Turkish or instant tea, Cedevita (instant multivitamin drink and drinkable yogurt.The other 50 percent of the charter fee is usually paid four weeks before the charter date.Serbs make up the largest minority group; however, their proportion fell dramatically as a result of the 1990s war of independencefrom more than one-tenth of the population before the war to less than half that figure in 2001.Ferries are cheap and go regularly between various places by the coast.Renting a car is around the same price as in the EU (from around 40).While most of Croatias Serbs live in urban centres, a significant number are scattered in villages and towns, mostly in lightly populated parts of the central mountain belt, in the regions of Lika and Banija, and in northern Dalmatia.560 according to Francis Dvornik Croats in 7th and 8th centuries Location of South Slavic tribes according to the "Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja" Croats in 8th and 9th centuries Croatia in 800 Croatia under Duke Borna (9th century) Croatia under Duke Trpimir (9th.Transportation and telecommunications Croatia has excellent access to shipping routes because of its long coastline on the Adriatic.In addition, a great deal of water circulates in underground rivers and pools in the karstic regions of the central mountain belt and the littoral.The bura can be particularly strong in the Velebit area, where it can blow up to 200 km/h and overturn lorries.