escort javiera

Pedro Beráin has delivered to him the watch that he sent him to be repaired.
Remarks about other accounts.
Treviño at Monterrey.
One oxcart loaded with ver putas peruanas caneria de losa.
Tells of distribution and locations of companies.Rosa Munguia, de Rabago at Santa Rosa.Vizente Abiles at Tapado.Saltillo: Martin Alcala to Jacobo Sanchez Navarro:"s prices on busco hombre para relacion formal cattle.Signed by Uranga.Melchor Sanchez: Greetings; only news from Mexico City is more and more taxes.Believes the curate should go to Altamira because of the scarcity of clergy there, and thinks it would be for the tranquility of Sta.Asks him to furnish a servant, Francisco Flores, with summer pasture for his horses and also some corn.Drove the Ford to the border to disturb the order.

1833, May 6:.
Patos: Jose Maria Ortiz to Sor.
1826, December 23:.
Melchor at Santa Rosa to Polonita: He intends to return to Hermanas early in July to supervise building of house; thanks her for letter and pieces of chamois; tells her of other plans.
Apolonia Beráin de Sánchez at Monclova to "Mi estimado Melchor Writes that Ensign Martínez came with coach that Juan José made, less 2 horses that he had lost.Campos to Jacobo Sanchez Navarro.1850, March 28:.States he will set out next week.804 Tomás Perales: Report on number of sheep, mules, and servants.Pedro Vidaurri at Santa Rosa to Don Jose Melchor Sanchez Navarro: Good triumphs over evil, we have won our election!Gives number of horses in the drove, of colts and fillies, reports a cow putitas muy nalgonas died in the corral.Reporting on wool and cattle.Asks him to have Rodríguez come soon for the sheep are very thin.