hatsan escort 20 gauge shotgun

Franchi Elegante Field 30" M/Choke, franchi Elegante Field 20 Gauge 28" M/Choke.
Beretta 687 eell Game 20 Gauge 30 M/Choke.
Side folding stock version.ATA Arms SP Black Sporter, calibre: 12ga, barrel Length: 30".Type: Over Under escort curico rauquen Shotgun, mechanism: Break Action, multi Choke Ejector, Black Action, Walnut.Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Game 20 Gauge 28/30" M/Choke.Benelli Raffaello Supersport Carbon 3" Magnum Semi Auto 28" M/Choke.Armsan RS-S1 Mono Telescopic, calibre: 12ga, barrel Length: 24".

Beretta 692 Sport Black Edition 30" M/Choke.
Also available in 20 gauge.
2-Shotshells holder insert on stock for emergency.
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sport 30" M/Choke Adjustable Stock.
Barrels are built and finished to a high standard, with a very durable high gloss finish which completes the attractive appearance of these shotguns.Escort Raider, security law enforcement purpose 12 gauge, 3 / 76 mm chamber tactical semi automatic shotgun with detachable box magazine.Benelli 828U Field Black 28" M/Choke.Beretta 690 3 Field 20 Gauge 28" M/Choke.Elastic butt pad for recoil absorption.

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Browning B525 Game 1 16 Gauge 30" M/Choke Browning B525 Game 1 28 Gauge 30" M/Choke Browning B525 Game.410 30" M/Choke Browning B525 Hunter Classic 20 Gauge 28 M/Choke Browning B525 Hunter Light Elite 28 Gauge 28" M/Choke Browning B525 Liberty Light 30" M/Choke.
The barrels accept interchangeable steel alloy mobile chokes which allow hunters and shooters to select the degree of shot pattern they require for the type of targets they are preparing for, thereby tailoring the gun to meet their specific needs.