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An interesting feature of Russian stress is that not only words can be stressed but phrases as a whole too.
As actor Bharath celebrates his birthday on July 21, we test your knowledge on him with this quiz.
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It depends on what kind of results you want to get.
Excepttry to be a little realistic and common sense.
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Do you really want to be having sex with Kim Kardashian.They are probably dead.Even native Russian speakers are prone to mistakes and ambiguities when deciding on where to put stress in certain words.Make a list of everything you ever wanted.From my personal observations (which is not definitive) Russian speech tends to be stressed on syllables closer to the end (last but one or the last one).Try to make a habit of consulting with a dictionary, asking a competent native speaker, or using special software that shows stress marks.I took a walk outside for about ten minutes.Some patterns, as for specific patterns, there would how to transfer money from credit card to paypal account be too many to remember.