This factor, although difficult to quantify, can be gauged using various metrics.
While the rest of the response is thrown away, the damage may already be done.
DNS has a cost.
Its worth downloading and checking out even if you just want to pick through the code and look at citas a ciegas df gay how certain elements are being used these days, such as the various meta elements found in the documents head.Next Steps One way to take your html5 to the next level is to try out the html5 Boilerplate.The http/1.1 specification suggests that browsers download no more than two components in parallel per hostname.Also since it's on the same server, cookies are sent every time it's requested., then all the requests to static.
You also don't need to wait for the onload event in order to start doing something with the DOM tree.
The Doctype, first, we have the Document Type Declaration, or doctype.
Are you throwing in more div s only to fix layout issues?For example, in a web-based email client the user will be kept waiting for the results of an Ajax request to find all the email messages that match their search criteria.But where should you start?Even if you gzip your scripts and styles, minifying them will still reduce the size by 5 or more.Ico make sure: It's small, preferably under.Even though your Ajax responses are created dynamically, and might only be applicable to a single user, they can still be cached.The page title (the only mandatory element inside the head) is declared the same as it always was, and the meta tags weve included are merely optional examples to indicate where these would be placed; you could put as many valid meta elements here.