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These are a very common cause of no spark on RS Turbos, exchange only, 30 surcharge until we receive a rebuildable unit in exchange.
Photo avail on request.
Sold escort Mk5 lexus style rear lenses by ultra cosmetics, fully legal and e-marked, high quality photo available on request.Plastic backs in mint condition.NOW sold sold escort RS Turbo / XR3i Mfi fuel pump, good used pump NOW sold sold escort RS Turbo standard fuel tank with fuel level sender unit - good used.Photo available on request no obligation just ask!Ford Escort MK4, cosworth Bodykit.Sold RS Turbo Series 2 90-Spec front bumper, metallic blue, chrome strip, great condition, no cracks, BUT, 1 mounting stud each side is missing, and extra long studs (1 each side) has been welded in place - more than enough to securely bolt to the.If you hold the light up to the light the indicator section looks orange on the inside but NOT the outside.Sold RS turbo S1 standard used alloy intercoolers sold RS turbo S1 silver ECU'S, standard, 14 DAY money back warranty.00 RS turbo S1 black fuel ECU'S, 14 DAY money back warranty.00 RS Turbo escort series 1 series 2 fuel pumps - brand NEW.

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59 each FOR escort cosworth Used parts please also see the Sierra Cosworth Section (as many mechanical parts are compatible / identical) Call escort Mk6 lexus style rear lenses by ultra cosmetics (159) or by ABC Design (149 2-pieces each side, fully legal and e-marked.
(Cost 575 when bought new).
This is not a sports rear box - it was originally part of a full Magnex system - may require mods if you wish to fit it to a standard system sold RS Turbo S2 standard boost hoses, original ford second hand 10 qué significa la prostitución masculina each.Ideal if converting non turbo car.Jai de nombreuses amies.25.00 CVH front crankshaft pulley ex RS Turbo, good used pulley, bare metal, part no 83SM6312-AA.00 CVH Thermostat housing, very clean.35.00 Front hubs with drive flange for Mk4 Escort including RS Turbo, good used.00 35 ea Mk4 escort Headlamps, original Carello and non-original normally in stock.