Serves classic Mexican dishes in a lovely terrace and courtyard.
Mercado Hidalgo.0174-101.2581 1 Mercado Hidalgo, Juarez Street and Mendizabal.
21.01644-101.25487 2 Bar Fly, Sostenes Rocha.
21.01533-101.25299 8 Teatro Juárez, Sopena S/N (Jardin de la Union.
Once there turn right and start walking along the highway for about 200 meters more, until you reach a green colorrd pedestrian overpass that says something about ".The façade of this building is made of pink quarry and boasts a tower.An annual short film festival, co-hosted by the nearby city of San Miguel de Allende.This is a legally-registered hostel in the city and the owner, Olivia Machuca, is the president of the Associacion of Mexican Hostels.Before the recent start-up of several low cost air carriers, Bus was the main mean of transport across Mexico.Well worth a visit if you haven't tried the local drink.Known for having giant, delicious margaritas and good food.Nonsmoking rooms available, onsite restaurant and free Wi-Fi.They have bagels, Mexican food, coffee drinks and teas.

One of the best language schools in town.
250 pesos (dorms includes breakfast.
It is always packed on weekends, with the same type of crowd as Capitolio.They offer free of charge shuttle service during the day and are more than willing to make you as comfortable as possible.Their busco mujer para fines serios goal is to provide a professional and friendly service to the visitors.If booking a ticket or researching the fare on an airline or an aggregate site be sure to look for "Leon" or "Leon/Bajio" instead of "Guanajuato" as you will not find it under "Guanajuato".Inside this house a woman was buried alive inside the walls.In the populated areas it's fine at all hours, but since it's a loop with a nice view of the city, many foreigners decide to run around it at dawn and parts of it are much more isolated.) Go next edit Try also to visit.21.01094-101.24592 6 La Hacienda Spanish School, caracteristicas que una mujer busca en un hombre Callejón de Montenegro 45-B (Barrio Pastita, e-mail.An annual event since 2005, this festival celebrates music, dance, and art from the 5th to 15th centuries, with participants hailing from across Mexico.

Popular with residents and visitors.
Public transport to downtown Guanajuato from the Airport.
The richest mine in Guanajuato still in operation today.