They will only fulfill the putas es poco number of Diggs requested.
We should be rolling out this new version of User/Submitter in a few days.
The charge is 20 plus 1 per Digg.
Assuming you do make the front page, the next question you have to ask if you can make the 70 back.How Digg will handle this situation remains to be seen.At this time, there are no stories to Digg.If Digg doesnt stamp this site out, Im sure another Pay Per Digg service will pop up to undercut User/Submitters pricing.Setting up an account was easy enough.I find it interesting that I was able to log in and was presented with stories to Digg, yet they claim on their front page that they are reworking their system).User/Submitter touts itself as a site where Digg submitters pay for Digg users to promote their stories, and where Digg users make easy money.

Whoever started the Pay Per Digg service is very greedy.
Digg has recently been disabling user accounts that have shown obvious patterns of using User/Submitter.
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