phrasal verbs put up with something

Example: The AGM has been PUT back until July the seventeenth.
Put on Meaning: Start wearing Example: I PUT my coat ON before we went out.
Put in for Meaning: Make a request Example: He PUT IN FOR a transfer to the new branch.
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One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent.Put up or put on British to show a particular level of skill or ability in doing something, especially in a competition Synonyms and related words 10 put your hand up/put up your hand to raise your arm to show that you want to ask.Put off Meaning: Postpone Example: The concert's been PUT OFF until next month because the singer's got a throat infection.Put forward, meaning: Propose, suggest or nominate, example: She PUT forward a plan to cut costs.Example: The government has PUT tuition fees for undergraduate students UP again.Example: He PUT the dictionary back on the shelf after he'd finished the crossword.Synonyms and related words.Put together Meaning: Assemble Example: I PUT together the bookcase I bought at Ikea.Put through Meaning: Connect someone by phone Example: Could you PUT me through to extension 259 please.

To fix a shelf or cupboard onto a wall Synonyms and related words 3 transitive to increase the value or price of something Synonyms and related words 4 transitive to provide a large amount of money for something Synonyms and related words 5 transitive.
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Put out Meaning: Disturb or trouble someone Example: Would it be putting you OUT greatly if I asked to change to another day.Close, thesaurus, the thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary.Put on Meaning: Deceive, lie puta mare en ingles Example: I am not putting you.More phrasal verb transitive, close present tense.Example: escort norte locanto He PUT OUT his cigarette before entering the building.Synonyms and related words, see also main entry: put.Synonyms and related words 7 transitive to suggest that someone should be elected to a particular position Synonyms and related words 8 transitive put up something British same as put forward 9 transitive put up something to make a particular effort prostitutas martorell in order to achieve.Fay Weldon nothing TO wear AND nowhere TO hide: A collection OF short stories (2001)They were prepared to put up with quite a bit to get what they wanted.