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The foto escort madrid collective marchita de buscar una mujer que me quiera economic enterprises were dissolved, their quarters occupied by the assault guards with the assistance of the bourgeois republican elements and members of the psuc.
In some parts of the city shots were being fired.
What had been carried out some months ago against the smaller party of the poum with comparatively little effort was to be continued now against the mass organisations of the Catalan proletariat by the use of force.
Berneri wrote: "Once fascism is beaten, it will be necessary for the CNT and the FAI to continue the struggle for their social programme.The First of May was approaching.Indignation and bitterness increased on all sides."The same cowardly elements that wished to provoke bloodshed in Barcelona, issued false reports to the outside world with the same evil intentions, grossly misrepresenting everything.A new delegation was sent to Tortosa to secure the release of the arrested comrade.When the CNT entered the Catalan government on September 28th 1936, after the dissolution of the Anti-fascist Militia Committee which had been functioning for two and a half months, it took over, officially, the Department of Food Supplies.All parties shall leave the barricades.Barcelona (Catalan IPA:, Spanish IPA: ) is the second largest city in Spain, capital city of Catalonia and the province with the same name.The purpose of thus stealing and hiding the armoured cars became more than clear to the people of Barcelona during the tragic May days.Barbieri's wife wanted to go with the two comrades when they were taken away, but they refused to allow her.Does it not seem suspicious to you that they are attacking the CNT and the FAI, while in Madrid, in Andalusia, in Viscaya, and in Aragon our forces have given, and are still giving at the present time, proof of the utmost courage and strength?

They published the following manifesto: "The tragic events taking place in our city during the last 48 hours have made it impossible for the workers to go to work.
Against whom are they mobilising?
"Nothing is more false than this version of the developments and those who spread such lies intentionally can be nothing but fascists in disguise.
The workers refused to work under the threat of the police and it was obvious that calm would not be restored until the police were removed.Only one slogan: We must work to beat fascism!On April 25th, Roldan Cortada, prominent member of the psuc was killed near Molins de Llobregat.The avalanche finally broke loose.It is likely that the UGT was not satisfied with this state of affairs because it had fewer members in the control committee than the CNT.This crisis was of a purely political character.The population had to be told that the workers of the CNT and the FAI had initiated the conflict.