put it off перевод

I put it down their own mail chute.
A man named Widmore put it down there, and he staged busco pareja un hombre the whole wreck.
I should just put it off chilena putita entrega el culo till later, after the holidays.
I can't believe somebody pulled the top off this muffin.Your little fantasy about killing me - it hasn't put me off.No, I put it off for tomorrow.It's mine, let me turn it off.I will put it down with a smile.And that could blow the top off the whole Administration.There's no way to turn it off.Come on, Alex, put it down.Obviously, we should put some in the kids' college fund, and then top off our retirement account.And all they're asking us contacto de mujeres en ubeda to let them do, is cut the top off our mountain.I didn't leave the top off.

Maybe I can turn it off.
L suppose we can put it off until next week's physical.
We can't put it off, sir.
But to put it off is to die.You give the injection and then put it down.You said we couldn't turn it off.Again, I could just take my top off.I need to top off my boat.I don't want you to turn it off.My dad thinks I should turn it off.We could try to put it off, but then it might have to be behind bulletproof glass.