We put out to sea; The ship put into harbour for repairs.
Synonyms and related words 7 transitive to suggest that someone should be elected to a particular position Synonyms and related words 8 transitive put up something British same as put forward 9 transitive put up something to make a particular effort in order to achieve.
( announcement ) ( in press ) anuncio m, nota f ; of meeting convocatoria f, llamada f ; ( sign ) letrero m ; ( poster ) cartel que preguntarle a una chica para conocerla mas m birth/marriage notice anuncio m de nacimiento /matrimonio death notice nota f necrológica, esquela.
He had to make the speech at very short notice when his boss suddenly fell ill.
(of plants etc ) to produce (shoots, leaves etc ).He put the poster.She put aside her needlework.He promised to put up the money for the scheme.To escape notice pasar inadvertido to take notice of sb hacer caso a algn to take no notice of sth/sb no hacer caso de algo/a algn, ignorar algo/a algn (esp LAm) to take notice of sth hacer caso de algo take no notice!Ne fais pas attention à lui!Notice n ( warning, communication) Bescheid m, Benachrichtigung f ; ( written notification) Mitteilung f ; (of forthcoming event, film etc) Ankündigung f ; notice to pay (Comm) Zahlungsaufforderung f ; final notice letzte Aufforderung ; we need three weeks notice wir müssen drei Wochen.I don't notice such things no me fijo en tales cosas eventually he deigned to notice me por fin se dignó a reconocerme have you ever noticed how slowly time passes when you're flying?To insert or install.Sono venuto a sapere che.To place on the floor or other surface, out of one's hands.He put off leaving / his departure till Thursday.

To kill (an animal) painlessly when it is old or very ill.
Hi, I haven't worked before and I have just left college, I am applying chicas sexo la plata for an IT Support Technician job, however they are asking for a notice period on the application, What is a notice period?
Put up or put on British to show a particular level of skill or ability in doing something, especially in a competition Synonyms and related words 10 put your hand up/ put up your hand to raise your arm to show that you want.To abandon (work etc ) temporarily.( intimation, warning ) avviso ; ( period ) preavviso without notice senza preavviso advance or previous notice preavviso a week's notice una settimana di preavviso at short notice con un breve preavviso at a moment's notice immediatamente, all'istante until further notice fino a nuovo.15 following 7 answers.To offer or show (resistance etc ).To fix a shelf or cupboard onto a wall Synonyms and related words 3 transitive to increase the value or price of something Synonyms and related words 4 transitive to provide a large amount of money for something Synonyms and related words 5 transitive.A put -on foreign accent; Her accent sounded put -on.

To sail in a particular direction.
( Brit ) ( review, of play ) critica, recensione.
To connect by telephone.