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Put in an appearance (show up, be present briefly) faire une apparition The boss usually puts in an appearance at the annual employee picnic.
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I carri armati hanno messo in fuga la fanteria nemica.
2015: thanks to new pace of play rules, the average length of a baseball game dropped by 6 minutes from 2014.
Le gouvernement a introduit ( or: a imposé) une redevance sur les demandes de permis de conduire.J'estimerais le coût à cinq cent dollars.Put sth (estimate) indicare, stimare, valutare vtr I would put the cost at around five hundred dollars.Potresti aver messo a repentaglio la sua vita.Put sb with sb (place in the custody of) ( un enfant.My friends and I have a joke. .Ci siamo messi in strada alle 5 di mattina per arrivare a Roma all'ora di pranzo.Put money in sth (make a financial contribution) investire soldi, investire denaro vtr mettere dei soldi in, mettere del denaro in vtr I put some money in my friend's new business, but I've yet to see any return on my investment.Put sth in writing (make official or binding) mettre par écrit Contracts for the sale of land must be put in writing to be valid.Ne nous fais pas courir de risques inutiles et passe par un autre chemin, cette route est trop dangereuse.Le nuove norme devono ancora essere messe in pratica.The child's mother put him down and he ran off encontrar pareja gay por internet gratis to play on the swings.

Molti studenti universitari aumentano di peso durante i loro primi anni di studio.
Post 2014 World Cup Update : fifa estimates that the group stage games averaged.6 minutes of action per game (if im reading their stat page correctly). .
Put it about UK, slang (have sex with many people) ( volgare ) darla in giro vtr I hear Tracy's been putting it about with the entire football team!
Put sth (phrase, state) dire, exprimer, présenter.
Ha rapidamente busco pareja hombre millonario virato di bordo per evitare che la barca andasse a sbattere contro lo scoglio sommerso.When I tell her, I'll put it in a way that won't upset her.Faire interner Sa famille l'a fait interner lorsqu'il a tenté de mettre le feu à leur maison.Puoi mettermelo in inglese semplice?Put sth (phrase, state) mettere vtr, when I tell her, I'll put it in a way that won't upset her.Put sth figurative (cause to be) ( en ordre.Put a stop to sth (end, curtail) mettre un terme à, mettre fin à loc v prép The students are cheating; we'll put a stop to that right away.Il governo dovrebbe mettersi in moto immediatamente per varare la legge.( de l'argent ) économiser, épargner Chaque année, j'économise de l'argent pour me payer une nouvelle voiture.

Traduzioni aggiuntive put (finance: option) opzione put.
Put sb down for sth (sb promises to contribute sth) compter sur qqn pour qch ( Finance : changement de sujet ) participer à hauteur de qch vi prép ( Finance ) donner, faire une donation de So, can I put you down for.
I don't understand your technical words.