It means a reason is not required for someone to do something.
Joder on its own is used exactly like coño above, to indicate surprise, anger or admiration: Joder, cómo llueve!
Un coñazo A real pain (figuratively speaking).Estar hasta los huevos/cojones.Tú puta madre, your hore of a mother tu puta madre, seargent tu puta madre.Hijo/a de puta (R) Lit.They're much more widely used metaphorically in a naughty rather than rude sense, nothing like their literal translation in English.For heaven's sake, are you coming or not?English, info hija de puta madre, human contributions, from professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.Estudiante : Ese puta madre.Hijo de puta, actores putos hija de Dios.Tu tienes un maravilloso nariz!Back to the top, puta, puta is short for prostituta.Huevos, cojones, pelotas familiar, * very familiar, * vulgar, R plain rude, Lit.

Coño, qué hambre tengo!
It can be applied to people and things: Tiene un coche de puta madre Lit.
Hay un examen hoy!
They've already screwed it up!
(Student: That parliament escort mother fucker.Este abrigo me costó un huevo This coat cost me a fortune.Profesor: Clase, tengo una sorpresa para ustedes.She can be a bit of a bitch.De puta madre with tu puta madre which is an expression used as an insult, usually a rude reply to someone who's already insulted you.Where the hell are the keys?