Holidaymakers were filming their trip to the top of Villarrica in Chile - one of the most active volcanoes in the country - when it started spewing flames and lava.
Other tourists can be heard panicking and scrambling to safety.
Some points in the city are a must visit.
A small technical and security chat was enough to enjoy the experience.
'Something's happening, go en la puta vida 2001 go go!' Tourists scream and run when volcano erupts as they stand at the top of it in Chile.The only real threat from such explosions is the risk of those nearby being hit by falling debris.A thousand colors make up beach apparel, sails and kayaks in contrast to the blue lake waters and the sky.The Villarrica volcano always accompanies, restaurants spaces, hotel Pucón.This time, to cross a wooden bridge that led us directly to the lava channel.It was very amusing to go on this excursion along with Víctor and his team.Though swimming is not allowed, visitors may rest while enjoying the view of the Villarrica Volcano and the lake.By the circuit, a thousand yellow retamas would be our escorts.Light appeared again and, along with it, the colors of life.OHiggins Avenue, as well as Ansorena, Fresia, Palguín, Alderete or Urrutia Streets are key arteries to visit stores selling items such as technical sport apparel, handicrafts and food specialties.

Pucón is small and has everything visitors need just round the corner.
During the time we took to get there, we were constantly in front of the creator of the geographic feature we were about to visit: the Villarrica Volcano.
According to a monitoring service, 'superficial activity in the volcano is caused by this lake of lava.It raised from the system of north-south longitudinal faults that gave origin to countless volcanic cones during the Quaternary period.In fact, land excursions reach the crater itself every day.Its main streets and avenues are packed with tourist agencies that offer adventure travel activities, with excellent restaurants and recreational options.Sometimes, it is better not to do so much planning and simply let things happen.InterPatagonia, los Lagos, pucón, activities and Tours, walking around Downtown Pucón.