I discovered that Spanish Ive learned is a specific type of language that can be distinguished not escort antofagasta edificio icono only by very fast speaking manner but also words.
Hot dog US, informal (person who does stunts to attract attention) payaso See that guy on crutches; yesterday he was the biggest hot dog on the slopes.
Me engañaste, chica busca chico sexo gratis barcelona eres un perro!
Kick yourself for sth informal, figurative (regret sth) ( figurado ) quererse matar quererse morir He kicked himself for not remembering to pack his torch.Perhaps it is because the narrator Ricardo, like me, is a Parisian ex-pat, I was enamored with his descriptions of life here (perfectly and clinically accurate) or because I am deep down a hopeless romantic, but this book, the impossible love between the "good boy".Its sort of fuck your mother, but means go fuck yourself.Kick the habit informal (quit smoking) dejar el hábito Some smokers use hypnosis to try and kick the habit.Él sacó el carro en tercera.Dog (species: canis familiaris) perro, there are many different breeds of dog.Dog-in-the-manger figurative (mean spirited) envidioso/a Note : Hyphens are used when the term is an adjective dog kennel (temporary housing for dogs) caseta del perro, caseta para perros nf loc adj ( AR, coloquial ) canil dog leash (lead for a canine) correa As Jack.Dog-catcher (sb who captures stray dogs) perrero, perrera lacero, lacera dog-day cicada, harvest fly (insect) ( insecto ) cigarra canicular dog-ear figurative, informal (turned-down page corner) esquina doblada nf adj dog-ear sth informal (page: turn down corner) doblar la esquina de una página dog-eared (page: folded.Armó un escándalo porque el conductor no lo dejó subir a autobús.

Kick ass slang, vulgar, figurative (be great or formidable) ( MX, vulgar ) ser la verga, ser chingón ( CO, vulgar ) ser una putería, ser una verga, ser una chimba ( AR, coloquial ) romperla These brownies kick ass, they are so delicious!
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Continue to external site The page you are trying to access: is not an official Pornhub site and may be dangerous.Dog trainer (person who teaches dogs good behaviour) entrenador canino nm adj adiestrador de perros nm loc adj dog trainer (person who trains dogs in a particular role) entrenador de perros nm loc adj I've always admired the patience shown by dog trainers.Visit the Spanish-English Forum.Dog in the manger figurative (person: mean) ( figurado ) el perro del hortelano You have lost interest in her but you won't let your brother ask her out, aren't you being a bit of a dog in the manger?Place kick (ball kicked from stationary position) ( fútbol ) tiro libre ( fútbol americano y canadiense ) patada de gol de campo ( fútbol americano y canadiense ) patada de punto extra ( rugby, balón parado ) patada fija scissor kick, scissors kick (swimmer's leg.Se quiso matar por olvidarse de llevar linterna.El profesor me echó de la clase porque no quise apagar el iPod.( vulgar ) ser de puta madre ( ES, vulgar ) ser la polla, ser la hostia ( CR, vulgar ) estar pichudo Estos brownies son de puta madre, están deliciosos!Bird dog US, informal (dog: pointer, setter) setter bird-dog US, informal (investigate) investigar black dog figurative (depression) depresión cattle dog (dog that herds cows) perro de ganado nm loc adj perro pastor nm adj chili dog US (frankfurter with chili con carne) perrito caliente cubierto.( ES, figurado ) meter el dedo en el ojo No le hagas caso, es un puñetero y le encanta meter el dedo en el ojo a los demás.