Full key step up, half key step up, half key step down.
F CMy back to the wall and my white flag high.
Bridge: DPut the gun down, put mujeres buscando hombres df con telefono the gun doooowwn.This feature is not available right now.Verse 2:, cStole my man took him from me she's got crimson eyes and a screamin' body., cFace is young, she must taste sweet.GOh imma set fire to the whole damn house.Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.

CKnees deep, under her spell, she's screamin' out but it just won't help.
CI said don't take my man cause you know you can.
DPut the gun down, put the gun down.CDon't take my man, don't take my man.Full key step down are you left-handed?Please try again later.There isn't a video lesson for this song.CHair, lips, just like a gun she's got silver bullets on that tongue.Hide glossary, chord name color: Lyrics color: more videos.CPut the gun down Oh oh oh oooh oh oh ohh (x2).

Prechorus: F GI think i'm cursed I had him first HA!
Verse: D GI got ten fingers to the sky.
CWalkin on my happy home, she won't give up until I'm gone.